Porn Kills Love It Killed My Love

Those of you who know me have probably wondered why my husband chose to take his life. I have debated whether or not to share this story…because it’s intensely private […]

Love With Your Whole Heart

This is E. He and The Man were close. They had this play fight for years where E would pester The Man about his Sunday attire. “No! Get church pants!” […]

Lose The Breakfast Battle...Win The Life War

You know those mornings that just don’t go well? I am having that morning. I lost the battle with my breakfast…aka…I burned my breakfast – bell peppers, mushrooms, cilantro, tomato, […]

You guys wanna hear some crazy stuff that makes me hate this whole Health Insurance Marketplace thing even MORE than I already did? Well then sit down children. I’m gonna […]

Schrödinger's Bathroom

Me, after walking past The Kid’s bathroom and seeing an avalanche of clothes, towels, and detritus, “Kid? It would sure be nice if your bathroom didn’t look like a battle […]

War For Breakfast

I was raised in a theater of war. The kind of conflict induced by the typical struggles of siblings trying to carve out their territory and claim their freedom. The […]

School Lunch...Daddy Style

*This event takes place several years ago, as many of my stories do.* This morning, as I was getting ready for work, The Man assembled The Kid’s lunch. I would […]