Lose The Breakfast Battle…Win The Life War

You know those mornings that just don’t go well? I am having that morning.

I lost the battle with my breakfast…aka…I burned my breakfast – bell peppers, mushrooms, cilantro, tomato, breakfast sausage in an egg wash…because it ended up being a ton of veggies and we only had two eggs….but I didn’t have time to make anything else, even toast, so I plopped it in a container, grabbed a fork, and left.

You know how the FDA put out that warning about charred food giving you cancer?

My breakfast tastes like cancer.

I’m eating it anyway. (Iva, my heart medicine, needs protein or she doesn’t work. Saucy minx!)

Couldn’t find my keys. I have a spot I put them in and it’s unusual when I can’t find them. I spent 20 minutes looking for them…and/or the spare set. I finally found the spare set and left.

I got to school 17 minutes late, and when I got out of Darcy (my beloved car) and put my phone in my pocket?

You guessed it.

I suddenly found my keys.

In an effort to get out the door faster, I had put them in my pocket instead of grabbing them on the way out like I always do.

In that moment in the parking lot at school? I felt like all my genius had finally been fully actualized. (Yeah. That was sarcasm.)

I did remember to grab my laptop so I could do homework on it, so that’s something that went right.

I didn’t get my presentation done last night because I spent most of the day talking with Medicaid people. I think I’ve got that figured out. Even if I don’t, I found an intelligent, COMPETENT, government worker who can help me with this mess. I had to wait over an hour because unintelligent incompetent government worker with the Flowbee hair cut didn’t know when or if the Medicaid lady would be there. And there was no way to find out. Trust me, I tried. It was a long conversation where I learned the value of problem solving….and that there are people out there who can’t think.

Those people are the gate keepers at our government agencies.

Anyway, that got worked out, then Mimi and Her Man came over because they wanted to fix stuff and talk about feelings and eat the best damn grilled cheese sandwiches of their lives. Which they did.

The secret to these slices of grilled cheesy heaven? Start with your cheese – we like colby jack, but pepperjack or swiss are fabulous too, add a sandwich meat of your choice, avocado, cut up Roma tomato – other types have too much tomato snot in them and they taste yucky, green onion, cilantro, etc, then put another slice of cheese on top of that. It’ll be more deliciousness that you knew a grilled cheese could contain. If you want to go crazy, add in some tomato soup and use it as a dip for these babies. Per! Fec! Tion!Perfect Grilled Cheese Hand Holding Shot Perfect Grilled Cheese Side by Side Shot Perfect Grilled Cheese Closeup on Grill Shot

My heart wouldn’t stop beating last night and I was reminded that about four years ago, (Sept. 3rd), around noon, my heart issues started. It wasn’t gradual, it was like a snap or flipping a switch. I think my heart was bored and thought it would be the funnest thing ever to beat over 200 beats per minute.

I remember how very bad it was in the beginning. It’s so much better now. I think it’s gotten better with each surgery, and Iva helps a ton too.

I’m super grateful to be eating this gross breakfast I burned while I was looking for my keys. I couldn’t have even walked up and down the stairs at this time four years ago. Showering and dressing myself were the only goals I had in a day. That much activity exhausted me. I’d sleep for hours after getting dressed.

I have a kid I enjoy.

I’m going to be done with school by the end of September.

I’ve got several pairs of GREAT shoes…

Life’s pretty good from where it was four years ago.

Even if my breakfast tastes like an urgent FDA warning.

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